Cutest TGirl Shoes Ever – Three Strap Mary Janes

  • Retro TGirl MaryJanesI have been looking for these shoes forever! Ok, well actually just since October 24th, 2003 when I found this post at SockDreams . . . apparently three strap mary janes are a hot commodity and hard to come by! On a side note though, I *LOVE* SockDreams, because who else would find questions about 3-strap maryjanes important enough to list in their store’s FAQ? Besides, they’re a great store, with great socks, great customer service, and they’re TG friendly :D D

    Back to the shoes, these adorable pumps came from an online retailer’s clearance section (and are now sold out), but the label is Flair. I hear HotTopic carries similar shoes from time to time, and that they can occasionally be found on Ebay, but I never had any luck either place. I’m just very glad to have finally found these, as they quickly became one of my favorite crossdressing shoes! Hopefully if you’re in the market for cute maryjanes, I’ve provided you a couple new places to look at least.

    These shoes are great with all types of outfits. I’ve used them for a schoolgirl look, a little-girl look (they are about as close as I can get to a t-strap mary jane, which nobody seems to sell anymore :cry: ), the girls at SockDreams use them for that unique Seattle neo-hippie-punk look, and of course they are perfect for the vintage look that I’m sporting in the above photo :)

    Speaking of the vintage look . . . I kind of like the way I pulled it off in that pic, what do you think? I like the way my pink skirt sets off the stark black of my shoes, and you can just barely see the little bulge of my package tucked neatly away in my panties ;)

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    1. i think there sexy on a guy.

    2. Thanks drutv :)

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