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  • Crossdresser in the Woods
    I had an awesome time today doing a photoshoot in the woods :D D In case you haven’t noticed, I love being outside, and I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to do this particular shoot. There aren’t many cool locations around where I live, and the ones I’ve found usually have too many people. Normal models can just get dressed up and throw something normal-looking over it, head to a populated location, and take off the covering clothes only when it’s safe. That also makes it really easy to cover up if someone happens to walk by. Well . . . I can’t exactly do that – there’s not good way for me to cover up if someone walks by :blush:

    Ok, so I went to this nearby park, and I had looked at Google’s satellite image to figure out a good access point and an area where I could duck into the woods off the trail. :idea: I packed all my stuff in a backpack – clothes, makeup, cameras, a mirror, makeup remover, everything. But when I got to the park there were people everywhere! Enough people that they had paved the entire 7 mile trail. Stupid county parks in urban counties :(

    Well I had to figure something out, I’d already packed all my crossdressing gear and spent about 2 hours looking for a spot to jump off the trail at this park :!: So I decided to drive out to my hometown (about 30 min away) and head to the park I used to go to as a kid.

    Maybe the significance of this isn’t clear yet. When I was in highschool, I used to walk up to this park from my parents’ house every day during the summers. I know those woods like the back of my hand – including the “safe” areas off the trails. I started taking my crossdressing seriously in highschool, and I had also gotten into Wicca . . . so I found myself a nice little grove of honeysuckle at the top of a hill where no one ever wandered, and I built myself an alter out of rocks I drug up from the nearby creek (I know, I was a weird kid :roll: ), and I left the inside of the alter hollow so I could store my crossdressing supplies up in the woods. It seemed ok, as Wicca is pretty open to the idea of sex magic and ritualized sex.

    I used to consider the honeysuckle circle sacred ground, and I would frequent it to cast spells. I still dressed up at home when my parents weren’t home, so crossdressing in the park was all about the sex magic. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had dreams about undergoing magical sex changes and turning into a real girl for a night. All of the dreams involved putting on distinctly feminine clothes in a particular order, and pantyhose were always key to the process. So crossdressing in the park was where I lived out these dreams. I would dress up in these special clothes I kept in ziplock bags under my alter, and I would become a real girl for a few moments. I stole a Barbie doll from my sister, along with an outfit that I felt embodied the girl I wanted to be – I distinctly remember purple pantyhose, white boots, and a short skirt – and kept the doll in the alter with my clothes. :bubbles:

    I set Barbie on the alter when I would cast a spell asking the spirits to make me a real girl permanently. So I would kneel there carefully dressed in my transformation clothes, concentrating on the Barbie doll in front of me, and jerk off until I left a big load of cum on Barbie’s lap. :evil: Apparently I was also a dirty little kid.

    Alright, back to today. I returned to the park for the first time in . . . about 10 years. Very little had changed. I recognized all my old landmarks, and found the little trail up to my safe area. :cool: Amazingly after 10 years, the little pile of rocks I used to call my alter was still more or less intact, standing in the middle of a now mostly dead circle of honeysuckle. I moved off to one side of the grove for the photoshoot. It felt great to be back. Midway through the shoot I actually found a little piece of lacey purple elastic. I pulled it out of the dirt, and realized it was the waist and leg bands of the panties I used to wear for my rituals. That’s all that was left of the clothes I kept up in the woods (at least that I found), but it was still pretty amazing to see. I really wonder where the Barbie went . . .

    OK, that was a pretty crazy story to tell you about my photoshoot today. But it really touched me to go back there, and I felt so at home in a way I haven’t in a very long time. Anyway, the shoot went great and I got some really cool photos. And I left with an annual pass to the park, so I suspect I will be visiting there more often ;)
    Crossdresser in the Woods

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