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    I did this a while ago now, but it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog . . . so I thought I would start up again with the announcement of my refurbished Katie’s Closet area of (sorry, members only. but don’t worry, it’s easy to join if you click the link ;) ). Since crossdressing is really all about the clothes, I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on what I’m wearing in a set. And if you’re anything like me you get a little rush rummaging through a girl’s panty drawer. So putting the two together, I built Katie’s Closet, my very own virtual crossdressing closet where you can search for photos and videos by what I’m wearing. Anyway, that’s sort of the old news. The new news is that I rebuilt my closet with some snazzy new graphics . . . and a new section dedicated to Allie’s outfits :)

    If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, Allie is my girlfriend and is quickly becoming a significant part of my website. So I thought it was only fitting to give her a little room on my site where members can rummage through her panty drawer as well ;)

    In honor of all this panty drawer talk, I thought I’d show off a bit of my own panty collection for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be site members. Whenever I update my closet with thumbs from a new photo set, it never ceases to amaze me just how many pairs of panties I’ve worn in my life, hehe. And really these aren’t all the panties I’ve worn, just the ones I’ve taken pics of! I guess a real girl wears a lot of panties and never thinks twice about it, but as a crossdresser, each pair of panties is kind of special. And I imagine most crossdressers haven’t worn nearly as many pairs as I have. Anyway, here is just a small sample of the panty pictures you can find inside my site.
    Katie's panties

    And a post like this just wouldn’t be complete without some samples from Allie’s panty drawer as well. I know Allie has worn a lot more panties than I have, but since she’s new to the site (and to having someone take pictures of her in her panties ;) ) she doesn’t have as many pairs in her virtual panty drawer. Yet. Don’t worry, I will be adding more regularly! She looks almost as good in panties as I do, don’t you think?
    Allie's Pantie Drawer

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