A TGirl in China

  • I don’t suppose that I mentioned I was leaving on a trip, but I just got home from a 3-week stay in Beijing, China. And what’s a gurl like me doing in the People’s Republic you might ask? Well business of course :) And not of the porn variety either! Apparently the Chinese government is not particularly fond of porn and does a reasonably thorough job of blocking access to websites and the like that might supply such inappropriate material. Though there is certainly no shortage of adult toy stores (which I was quite surprised to discover). Tempted as I was to buy an official Chinese sex toy, the idea of sticking something from one of those stores into my body just didn’t feel quite right – they just don’t look as hygienic as the squeaky clean Hustler stores we have back in the States, where sales associates will gladly demonstrate a product with their portable hand sanitizer doused fingers.

    I don’t think China’s too fond of crossdressers either, as they are still slow to accept even homosexuality . . . and at least from a social norms standpoint, I think transgenderism is probably a bit farther out there. I certainly didn’t want to push my luck while I was there.

    Anyway, I at least didn’t waste my time while in my all-expenses-paid 5-star hotel room, and I didn’t forget about my members while over there ;) I took advantage of the nice couch, great view, and oversized shower to do some fun shoots like the one below. And I kept the site updated by accessing my databases via my hosting provider. Hey, a gurl’s gotta have priorities!
    TGirl in China

    Told you it was a nice view, didn’t I? I felt pretty classy in my pattern printed nylon stockings which seem to strangely match the lights of Beijing from my hotel room window. I topped it all off with a nice corset and designer heels that I had originally brought along for my girlfriend Allie to wear in a shoot . . . but she couldn’t stay with me the whole time I was there, and we ran out of time. Sad day. So I had to solo my shoots. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy them ;)

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