Making Plans for a Wild TGirl Christmas

  • I’m pretty sure I have an addiction. Well, probably several of them, but they’re all related. I love buying things for sex. Sex toys, lingerie, pantyhose, vegetables, hardware . . . if it can be used for sex there’s a good bet that I either have it, or am saving up to buy it. Normally I can keep my addiction(s) under control, but doing this whole long distance relationship thing with Allie is making it really tough – you see, I know she’s going to be in town for the holidays for three whole weeks. And given that on average we have sex 2-3 times every day when we’re together and will probably do a couple crossdressing photo shoots every week for the website . . . I need enough toys and outfits to keep us entertained! Or at least it creates an irresistible excuse to buy lots of toys and outfits.

    At the rate I’m going right now, I will max out my credit card before Allie gets here :P I think I spent around $300 yesterday alone on sex supplies. Let me tell you, it gets expensive trying to find outfits for two models. But what’s a tgirl to do? Curious about what I’ve got in the works? Well I can’t make any promises as some of this will depend on the condition of my bank account at the end of the month . . . but here’s my combination shopping list / wish list. I’m not telling what I might have already bought, as I have some surprises for Allie in mind :evil: , but I will definitely let you know how the photos go :)

    Oh, and if you want to make a donation to help with my tgirl “X”mas shopping, sign up for a membership to my site, or I also happily accept PayPal donations. (EDIT 12/17/09: I did happily accept PayPal donations . . . until they decided to close my account for violating their terms of use. Funny, I checked those terms of use very carefully before posting this and did not see any problems . . . so guess you will just have to join my site).

    - Feeldoe double dildo for Allie to fuck my poor little crossdresser ass with
    - Birdlocked chastity device for Allie to lock my sissy cock in while she enjoys my ass
    - Leather harness for Allie to wear while she dominates me
    - Wolford thigh highs to compliment Allie’s new leather harness
    - Black lace garter belt to hold up Allie’s thigh highs
    - Matching panties from Victoria Secret – wouldn’t that be adorable?
    - Thigh-high leather boots to complete the dominatrix outfit
    - Violet and black teddy from Victoria Secret – sooooo sexy, though I’m not sure who will end up wearing it ;)
    - Sissy maid outfit from BirchPlace Shop . . . what better outfit to get sissified in?
    - Large blue ball gag so I can keep Allie quiet when I switch roles on her (shhhhh ;) ). Too perfect since I know how much she likes sucking on my blue balls!
    - Hitachi Magic Wand for me to use on Allie while she’s tied up with her mouth full of the ball gag. She’s really going to be in trouble!
    - Short sweater dress for Allie to wear with her wool tights and fuzzy boots for a nice winter photoset (maybe even in the snow if we get any)
    - Inflatable butt plug – don’t ask, it was her idea ;)
    - Cucumbers
    - Strawberries
    - Matching t-strap mary janes – I found a pair that would be perfect for a schoolgirl set
    - Patterned pantyhose – way hot and very in style this year, there are so many patterns I want to get!
    - Cock rings – I’m still searching for the perfect one . . .

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