Shorts and Cable Knit Opaque Tights

  • Katie the TGirl Dressed for Winter

    This week’s update to The Crossdresser .com was a set of me coming in from the cold wearing a fur coat, lycra tights with a cool cableknit pattern, and a pair of short corduroy shorts. Oh, and a pair of way sexy black pumps with an ankle strap :)

    I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about shorts with tights under them that really turns me on. I actually don’t like shorts very much – I’m more of a skirt and dress kind of girl :bubbles: – but with a pair of nice tights under them they suddenly become so hot!

    Needless to say, I really enjoyed doing this set. I know, I know, I always enjoy taking sexy pics of myself for my fans ;) But this time I just felt so sexy crossdressed in my shorts and tights and fur coat . . . there is really nothing that compares to the soft silky feel of feminine clothing against my shaved legs and ass and . . . well . . . my big fat tgirl cock 0:)

    I also got to try out another new toy in this set – a tiny little black latex butt plug. You know the big scary normal butt plugs, right? Well this one is the same length, but is skinny instead of fat. So it slid in my tight little tgirl ass really easily. And it felt really nice and comfortable inside! It definitely didn’t stretch me out or anything, but instead it was this relaxing makes-you-want-to-squirm sensation. Anyway, I really enjoyed this little plug, and it’s no particular brand. Just find the skinniest little butt plug you can, and give it a try some night when you want something a little low-key. And it beats regular dildos by far because it stays exactly where you want it, being a plug and all ;)

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