A Very Happy TGirl Easter

  • Katie with bunny earsWhy so happy you ask? Because I have a three day weekend and just spent all of the past two days crossdressed and taking naughty pictures :P Oh, and because I got to wear bunny ears and cum in an easter egg! Now who wouldn’t be in a good mood after that :?: The set’s going up on the site as we speak, make sure you check it out at The Crossdresser .com

    I make a damn cute tgirl easter bunny, don’t I? ;)

    I also found these awesome thigh high toe socks that I wore with my bunny ears. And I got some great pics of my little tgirl toes. All in all, I’ve had a busy but very happy easter weekend. As if that wasn’t enough good news, it’s finally spring again, which means more outdoor photo shoots soon. And everybody loves a crossdresser in the great outdoors ;)

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