The Best Thing about Crossdressing is the Clothes

  • Well of course it’s the clothes, if you left the “dressing” out of “crossdressing” we’d just be “cross”, and nobody likes a bunch of angry T-Girls! I know, I know, I’d never make it as a comedian . . .

    But back on topic, I just finished working on 2 new features for my members at, and they’re all about the clothes. Now everyone who joins gets access to my closet – yep, everything from my shoe racks to my hangers of shirts, my panty drawer to my toy chest. And I know you want to get your hands in my panty drawer :)

    Katie's Schoolgirl AvatarPart of Katie’s Closet lets you dress me up in any outfit you can imagine. Well. An avatar of me at least. That’s an example over there to the left that I liked. The avatar and all the clothes were drawn by yours truly, by the way. So I know it’s not one of those super-professional-looking toons, but it’s got a bit of a personal touch since I drew it myself!

    The other part of Katie’s Closet lets you search for photos and videos by any article of clothing I’ve worn . . . so you can literally sort through my panty drawer, pick out your favorite pair, and then look at all the sets I’ve worn that pair in. Pretty cool, right? I mean, how often do you get to search through a model’s panty drawer anyway? ;)

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