Messy Pantyhose

  • Just got this week’s update to The Crossdresser .com posted, and let me tell you, it was a doozy! 166 photos of me in purple fishnets :D I was in the mood for a kind of crazy and fun outfit and had been saving the pantyhose for just such an occasion. So I pulled out all of my other purple clothes too . . . a purple shirt, a purple miniskirt, purple panties, and purple sandals. And of course I couldn’t do something normal like sit around the house decked out in an outfit like that . . .

    Playing with myself in lotion-covered pantyhoseSo I  got out a big bottle of lotion and started rubbing it in to my pantyhose-clad legs. And by the time I was finished, I had lotion everywhere – I looked like I’d gone swimming in it :) Of course being all slippery and lubed up like that, it would have been a shame not to take advantage of it. So I pulled my cock out of my panties and started rubbing it on my messy pantyhose. I love the feel of pantyhose on my dick, I’m not sure how girls don’t just orgasm all day long walking around in them. But the lotion made it feel even better, and it wasn’t long before I was adding my own special cream to the mess.

    Lucky for me, I caught my cum in my purple sandal, so I got to play with it on my toes for a bit. I don’t have any other purple shoes though, so I had to wear my cum filled sandal around the rest of the day . . . not that I really minded feeling the thick mixture of lotion and cum squishing around on the sole of my foot as I walked ;)

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