Eating my TGirl Cumsicle

  • I get a lot of requests at The Crossdresser .com to save up my cum and then do a video of me eating it. I guess it’s kind of like the solo version of a bukkake scene :P Actually, I’d rather do a real bukkake (fresh cum just tastes much better than frozen!) but until I find enough guys to help out with that, I won’t complain about saving up my cum. Actually, I save my cum in the freezer anyway because, well, I’ve never found enough guys for a bukkake and sometimes I’m just really in the mood for cum . . .

    Anyway, I was at the store the other day and found these rocket-shaped popsicle molds. They were just too perfect to pass up – not because I’m into rockets, but because they look just like fat little dildos! :D So I’ve been working on filling one up for a bit now:
    filling my cumsicle
    And last weekend I finally topped this guy off and decided it was time to do the cumsicle set. I’d really been looking forward to this shoot, so I went all out putting together a perfect outfit and set – I dressed up as a little victorian girl at a train station enjoying her special sweet treat. I put on my traditional nylon stockings complete with garter belt, a pair of crochet off-white socks, and these super high-heeled fetish oxford lace up pumps (it’s an 8″ heel with no platform – and yes, I managed to walk around in them!). Then I put on my petticoats, my black wool traveling skirt, and a lace shirt. I topped it all off with innocent blond hair down to my ass and my antique wicker hat.

    It was pretty scary, being my first time at the train station by myself and all. My steamer trunk was really heavy, and I didn’t even have a porter to help me with it! Mr. Whiskers, my stuffed mouse, made me feel a little better though. He just sat on top my trunk smiling at all the strange people bustling by. That was when the nice man stopped and offered me a popsicle if I would lift up my skirts and show him my panties. I thought that was pretty funny of him, but boy did a popsicle sound good . . . he even said it was a special kind, a cum . . . cumsicle I think he called it. Well showing that man my panties sure made him smile big! He gave me the cumsicle right away and hurried off after that. He was right about it being special though – my cumsicle was delicious! I hope mommy doesn’t get too upset because it was a very messy cumsicle, and it dribbled all over my skirt and nylon stockings. It sure got me all hot and bothered too, my clitty was standing straight up in my panties just from licking on that cumsicle. I wish I knew what the secret ingredient was so I could make my own cumsicles at home . . .
    eating my cumsicle

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    1. you should make a video of u filling up ur cumsicle then cut to it frozen and eating it that would be soooo hot if u do please send me a link in my email i would love it

    2. Actually I do have a bunch of clips of me filling up my cumsicle, and of course the video of me eating it that goes with these photos. You can find all of them on in my members area :)

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