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    I had my very first interview yesterday :) And got their very first crossdresser review, hehe. I’ve never been interviewed before (other than for a job), so I sort of felt like a celebrity for a few minutes. And it always makes me giggle when I get to explain why I crossdress and why I run a website to someone who is genuinely curious but totally confused about the transgender world ;)

    The interview went really well, and they liked my site to boot. Actually, they caught a few bugs on the navigation which I’ve been keeping myself busy fixing over the past week. I guess it’s embarrassing to catch stuff like that in a review and all, but somebody’s got to check all those blasted links for me! I sure try to run a clean ship, but with thousands of pages it starts getting pretty tough not to miss one here and there. And I make a point of fixing everything I find immediately.

    Speaking of, it’s a really great porn review site with brutally honest reviews :P And I for one appreciate the honesty. It also helps that for lots of sites they offer special discount prices and stuff (sorry guys, I can’t afford a discount off my everyday low prices, but if you’re in the mood for something different it’s worth a look).

    Oh, and by the way, as a result of my review I’ve added a really cool new feature to the members area of The Crossdresser .com – you can now search all of my videos and photo sets to find exactly the content you want. Looking for my cumshots in sets that have foot fetish content too? Just click the “Cum” and “Feet” boxes and off you go! Or maybe you’d rather see all the videos that have either socks or pantyhose? Click “Socks” and “Pantyhose” and select the “Or” search. Voila! Ok, maybe it’s not so magical and impressive, but I coded it all by my little lonesome and I’m pretty proud of it . . . so hopefully you at least find it useful!

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