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  • Well, I did it. I finally signed up for Twitter. Even stuck the feed on my blog. So I hope you enjoy it. I figured maybe I would manage to update that more often than I have a chance to sit down and write an entire blog post.

    It’s funny, I started out my life as an amateur crossdresser on a Yahoo group (yes, it still exists) which was basically an early form of social networking. And then when I got my own site I felt like I was “official” and the Yahoo group was so amateur . . . I know, I’m still amateur, but it felt different. I’ve had a MySpace account for a long time too, but never really did much with it. Again, I just thought that once I had a “real” site I would be beyond all that.

    Turns out this social networking thing is here to stay. So now that I’m way behind on the bandwagon thanks to being enough of a nerd to start my own site, I’m going back and revisiting all my profiles, building new ones, etc. In the near future you can expect some nice tgirl YouTube videos. And god only knows what else :P Don’t worry, you can rest assured that I will keep you posted in real time from now on . . .

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