My New Femskin Suit

  • crossdressing femskin style I just had to show off my new toy . . . I recently acquired a Femskin suit from a tgirl friend who decided it just wasn’t her thing. It’s a full body silicone second skin, complete with boobs and a penetrable vagina :evil: And I know a crossdresser in a full body gender conversion suit is about as useful as a post-op tranny . . . but as long as I don’t do it full time there is definitely something intriguing about a) being encased in silicone, and b) having a pussy :)

    Of course I took the opportunity to try out the built in pee like a girl urination system, and I really couldn’t pass up the chance to dp myself with two glass dildos. Those experiences alone probably made the entire thing worthwhile. And yes of course I caught the whole thing on film! :) Speaking of getting it on film, I didn’t want to disappoint all of my crossdressing fans by going an entire set without showing my tgirl clitty . . . so I discovered quite by accident how stretchy silicone really is and turned into a hermaphrodite by squeezing my cock out through the pee hole and cumming all over my black body stocking. I know, I missed a perfect opportunity to give myself my own creampie, but there will always be next time ;)

    Ok, so overall the Femskin suit is pretty fun, but it’s not exactly what I expected either. It’s a little big on me (granted I’m a bit smaller than the size it says it’s supposed to fit), so it’s not quite a second skin in some places. Maybe that’s for the best though because the suit gets incredibly hot inside. Luckily ( :?: ) for me, my furnace broke this week, so the house was really cold anyway . . . and as a result the fem skin was actually pretty comfortable. Anyway, it’s not really made for the sorts of acrobatics I do during photoshoots either – the vagina stretches out and shifts around a bit which looks kind of funny whenever my legs are spread, and the pee attachment slid around too and eventually came off and got lost inside during the shoot. That was kind of fun anyway though, since it led to me inflating the suit a bit when I peed and being able to squeeze it out through the vagina :P And eventually led to me being able to wriggle my clitty out of the suit as well. The edges of the suit are also pretty noticeable, which is probably exacerbated on me since I don’t stretch it out (which would thin the edges a bit). They are fine if you cover them up with something, but it looks pretty silly if you are completely naked.

    Well anyway, I hope you like the sample photo, and keep an eye out for when I post the rest of the photos (and the video!) on

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    1. Can u help me find a real cheap femskin full suit new or used it doesn’t matter

    2. Hi Mike. Unfortunately femskin suits are expensive, even when they’re used. The new ones are ~$800, and I bought mine used for ~$400 from a friend. There aren’t exactly a lot of companies making these things, so you’re probably not going to be able to find a cheap knock-off or crazy discounted femskin. That said, it’s probably worth keeping your eye on Ebay for them.

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