I need a TGirl Vacation

  • My day job has been getting too hectic again. It does this every couple months or so, things will just get really stressful for a couple weeks. And usually I’m pretty good at dealing with stress, but it really starts to show in the website. Not the updates or anything, just in the hundred or so other projects on my to-do list. Like writing in my blog or redesigning my tour. Most days I come home from 10-12 hours at my day job, grab some dinner, and sit down to do some website work. And most weekends I dedicate all day Saturday to posting an update, catching up, and doing some photoshoots. But when I get stressed, I tend to come home and play video games instead :P Or look at porn. Yup, I look at porn when I’m stressed.

    Anyway, back to this tgirl vacation . . . Most people take vacation to take a trip or something, but I take vacation to catch up on website work. I could really use a week or two to get some projects off the ground and get caught up on photos and video. I know most people wouldn’t consider that much of a vacation, but for me being able to spend a full week dressed up in my girl clothes, not worrying about going anywhere or seeing anyone, is about the most fun I can think of right now ;) That’s why it’s not just any vacation, but a tgirl vacation that I need!

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