I Did It! – First Ever HDR TGirl

  • HDR TGirlNon-HDR TGirlHere it is! You are privy to the first ever HDR photograph captured of a wild crossdresser in her natural habitat ( <- left). And thanks to the marvels of modern science, you can see it side by side with the exact same pic without the benefit of HDR (right -> ).

    No longer will you have to suffer from washed out backdrops! Silhouetted figures will be a thing of the past! And remember, you saw it here first on TGirl’s Blog.

    Ok, I know it’s a totally cheesy and unimpressive use of high dynamic range, but considering the way the photo would have come out without HDR . . . I was pretty impressed with the results. Please ignore the fact that my cat (Oscar) is missing his head in the HDR image though :eek: . . . he didn’t exactly hold still for the series of images!

    And yes, that *is* my new logo, so glad you asked :) Like it?

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