TGirls in Airsoft

  • So . . . I found a fun new game :D It’s called airsoft, and it’s kind of like paintball except much cleaner and much less expensive. Ok, and it’s also a bit like shooting BB guns at your friends if anyone else ever did that as a kid. Basically, you have air guns that shoot little plastic balls. It’s relatively safe as long as you wear safety glasses, though the high-powered ones can break skin if you get too close. Most of the guns are modeled after real weapons and have realistic weight and feel, which personally I think adds to the fun. They’re classified as toys though (notice the orange blaze on the pistol’s barrel in my pic), so you can play almost anywhere as long as there aren’t people around that might mistake them for real guns.
    Army crossdresser
    I had so much fun playing airsoft that I bought a few guns (I used to do a lot of target shooting as a kid, and I probably have some pent up aggression that needs released too, lol :evil: ). And having some wicked looking guns made me want to do an army photoshoot. So I had to by a camo skirt. And then I found these butt plugs that looked just like little mortar shells, so I had to pick those up too . . . Oh god, I’m such a girl, who am I kidding :P

    Hope you enjoy the photo though, and check out airsoft if you’re into that sort of thing ;)

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