• I took this picture for fun, but had no idea what to do with it . . . so I thought I’d post an entry all about it . . . because I LOVE pantyhose :)

    My Pantyhose Closet

    This is a pic of my pantyhose closet. Yes, that’s right, I have an entire closet dedicated to pantyhose. It’s a shame you can’t see more detail, because there are several hundred pairs stuffed in that closet, organized by type and color.

    I have a hanger of “regular” pantyhose, you know, the boring kind that I like to wear daily so I don’t damage my good ones. Not saying they’re crappy pantyhose, I don’t own crappy pantyhose. Just that there’s nothing special about that hanger.

    Then I’ve got a hanger of special pantyhose, stuff that’s hard to find or expensive, like neon green fishnets or super-duper shaping pantyhose.

    There’s another hanger dedicated to 100% nylon thigh highs, you know the old-fashioned type that are super sheer. And another hanger for non-traditional thigh highs like my 100″ long cotton socks and my fuzzy velvet ones.

    Then there’s the footless tight hanger. I’m sure you can’t guess what’s on that one! Normally I prefer footed tights, but there’s some really crazy patterns and colors that they’re making in footless tights that you just can’t get anywhere else . . . so I started a small collection.

    Next are “regular” tights – just colored and opaque. Then come textured tights, like ribbed or cabled. And then unique tights like the pair with a flame print, or the pair with irridescant blue threads.

    And then there’s the box of pantyhose that I haven’t opened yet . . . I got this amazing deal on Ebay for a whole collection of pantyhose. Must have been a store going out of business or something, but it was 100 pairs, and it’s going to be awhile before I actually work my way through all of them!

  • 3 Responses to “Pantyhose”

    1. Nice!!

    2. how fabulous a whole closet full of sexy pantyhose…… lucky are you doll…..I have such a WILD AND SEXY PANTYHOSE-FOOT FETISH that I would LOVE!!! to spend the day in your sexy pantyhose closet getting all fem and sooo sexy girly in your sweet soft ultra-sheer pretty pantyhose katie darling!!!… spandex minidresses and luscious platform wedges get me soooo excited and sooo wet I just want to wiggle and squirm like the hot sexy little sissy that I desire to be…….giggles…….sorry the SEXY HOT LITTLE SISSY THAT I AM!!!…….My fantasy would be to make a ultra-HOTT!!! pantyhose-foot fetish video with you sweetie……kissing and licking and sucking your sweet sexy stocking toes would be soooo luscious!!!……maybe a sexy footjob as well…..soooo yummy…… giggles………kissy kisses katie darling………Pamela

    3. Wow Pamela, glad you enjoyed hearing about my pantyhose so much :) Oh, and you sound like fun . . .

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