Could Someone Please Use MTF in a Sentence?

  • Ok, so I was doing some research on SEO (search engine optimization) because I want people to read my blog. I mean legitimately read my blog if it fits what they were searching for, not tricking search engines into listing me first. But anyway, one of the more popular terms that people search for is MTF (male to female, also written M2F). Now I don’t have anything against the term per se, and of course it’s an appropriate term to refer to crossdressers or tgirls, but how the heck do you use it in a sentence?

    I mean, I guess I could describe myself and say “Hi, I’m Katie Ann, a M2F crossdresser” but a) it’s redundant, and b) it sounds stupid. So outside of clarifying that I’m a genetic male that likes to wear panties as opposed to a genetic female that . . . I don’t know what . . . there’s absolutely no reason to use the term.

    Ok, moral of this story: Please stop searching for MTF because you will only end up finding sites that are trying to improve their rankings by throwing it in a few times. And you will perpetuate the need for legitimate sites like mine to write stupid posts like this!

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