Damn, Who Is that Beautiful Crossdresser?

  • Katie on top of Jade Jade getting it doggy-style from a beautiful crossdresser

    Oh, that’s me, I’m the beautiful crossdresser! And let me tell you, I was giving Jade a pretty serious pounding when these pics were taken ;) I have to admit though, I was so horny that I had to stop a few times and calm myself down. What can I say, Jade has a nice little pussy, especially when she shaves it for me.

    Aside from my other friend not showing (can you imagine this set as a threesome?!) everything was just falling in place for these pics. Shaving went well that morning, my skin was in good shape, my makeup was behaving, the lights were in the right places, Jade was shaved silky smooth too and had straightened her hair . . . and then of course my outfit, which is always my favorite part about being a tgirl.

    Actually I had no idea what I was going to wear so I just started sorting through my closet pulling out any of my new stuff that caught my eye. And I ended up picking out my new pepto-pink plaid skirt (I know, it looks a little red in the pics, but I promise it’s pink!) and my new black short-sleeved tee, which really fits great it turns out. I spent forever debating over socks or pantyhose because I figured with a threesome I’d want something easily accessible but couldn’t find any socks that suited the outfit. I think the black, back-seamed, cuban-heel thigh highs made a very nice compromise though ;)

    Jade sucking me as I poke out of my panties Jade topping a CD cock

    And of course I shouldn’t neglect my standby black garter belt – I can always count on that one to stay in place and for the straps to run down my legs just so. Then there’s my oh-so-cute pink gingham sandals which I’ve grown to love recently because they just seem to go perfectly with every outfit . . . guess that says something about me, as I don’t think most girls can get away wearing something as eclectic and cutesy as pink gingham sandals with 90% of their outfits . . . Anyway, to top everything off I threw on a pair of neon pink and green panties. That way anyone who looks up my skirt gets two surprises ;)

    Hope you enjoyed the pics, and don’t forget you can download the entire set at The Crossdresser (sorry, shameless plug, but hey, I gotta pay for new outfits somehow!)

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