This Crossdresser is Craving Sex

  • I think I’ve been spending too much time working on my site and not enough time having sex lately, because I’m horny. Like I’m probably going to call a couple friends this weekend to help me out because one will just not be enough. I should count myself lucky that both of the friends I have in mind think I look hot in pantyhose and a skirt. And you should count yourself lucky too, because you know there’s going to be a camera around somewhere ;) I just hope I can keep my big clit tucked in my panties well enough that it doesn’t stick straight out the front of my skirt! Not that I think you’d really mind, but I like to at least feel pretty and presentable before we get started.

    I guess I should be keeping my fingers crossed that they’re both available too . . . but I’m pretty sure at least one of them will drop any plans and come running if I beg him to let me suck on his cock for awhile. I just seem to have that effect on guys, I can’t help it! Besides, I need my regular dose of cum, and who would want to deny a cute crossdresser of that?

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