My New Adult Toystore

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    How cool is this, I have my own adult toystore now! 8) Not only can I keep myself well stocked with new playthings, now I can keep you stocked too ;) So next time you’re all alone at home and need someone to keep you company, pick up a nice vagina or ass to fuck while you look at my pics. Or maybe you need something to fill your holes with? This nice pink cock is just a little smaller than mine and should do a good job of training you to take the real thing ;)

    And of course if you need some great tgirl porn to go along with your new toy, I’m available for your pleasure 24/7 at The Crossdresser .com. Well, I’m not always at my computer, but my high res pics and HD videos are always online! And even if I don’t respond to your email in 5min, I do personally respond to every member email I get. That’s a promise :) What other porn site offers you that?

    Ok, enough selling. Just wanted to let you know about the new store. And as I try out new toys, I will be posting reviews and direct links to buy them if you want. Now that would be fun, knowing that you’re playing with the exact same toy I’m using in the set you’re looking at . . . :evil:

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