Sexy New Blond Crossdresser (yup, it’s me :) )

  • sexy blond crossdresser with trumpetSo . . . what do you think? It really took me awhile to get used to my new hair color, just because I’m used to seeing myself with brown or red hair. But I decided it was time to branch out and see if blonds really do have more fun :P

    It’s definitely growing on me though. I’m not convinced that I’m having more fun as a blond, but it’s certainly a fun change. My first set with this hair came out kind of funky, and I was like “nope, blond just isn’t my thing”. But I decided to give it another try just in case. Good thing I did, because it turns out it was just the styling I had done that made it look funny. I’m still learning what to do (and not do!) with this cut in terms of styling my hair, but I’ve at least gotten to a point where I can make it look halfway decent.

    I was always worried that blond wouldn’t look natural on me. Come to think of it, I was worried about the same thing with red. But I was a little more convinced that I could pull off a deep red color than I was with blond. Anyway, here’s proof that it no longer matters what color your eyebrows are – nobody will look twice if they don’t match your hair :P I think there are just so many people that die their hair now that most people have stopped noticing (or stopped caring). So if you’re worried about crossdressing with a wig of a (drastically) different hair color, put your fears aside – you can pull it off ;)

    I still think red is my favorite color and actually looks the best on me. But I’m glad I can add blond hair to my crossdressing repitoire :) There are definitely outfits and sets that just scream for blond. Ok, maybe not the trumpet-playing jazz set I used it for here, but other stuff like cheerleading and prostitute sets, hehe. Plus I think being blond makes me feel more slutty :lol:

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