How not to Treat a TGirl

  • I went out to a club this weekend for a Halloween party. Because Halloween is my favorite holiday. And it’s a great excuse to go out dressed :) Ok, well actually it was more of a bar than a club. With a drag show too (so I can dress there any old weekend and be comfortable).

    Well anyway, there was a competition for best drag, and I was looking hot in my black nylon thigh highs with my garter belt peaking out from under my plaid wool miniskirt . . . not to mention my argoyle knee highs and saddle shoes with 6″ heels (‘cmon, you know me o:) ) So I was standing up there on stage, and I was the only contestant who got a cheer from the crowd (the whole crowd at that!), but the judges were the girls from the drag show . . . and they totally picked a drag king as the winner instead of me! :( I think they were just jealous. Or at least that’s my story :P

    Ok, so after the contest this guy comes up to me and sits down at my table and feeds me some line about how I’m the prettiest girl in the bar, blah blah blah :roll: . . . and then he says “but I’d really like to know what you look like without the wig”. Ouch :mad: But whatever, I let him keep talking and he asks me my name. So obviously I told him my name’s Katie, and he says “no, your real name”. Grr, strike 2.  And here’s the final pitch, he asks me if I have a boyfriend or if I’m single (no big deal) and then continues with “you are gay, aren’t you?”. WTF is that?

    So here’s the deal in case you’re reading this and didn’t understand the story.
    1) A crossdresser when she’s dressed is a girl. She doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s not a “real” girl!
    2) Did you miss lesson 1? Read it again.
    3) Never ever assume that someone who is transgendered is gay. I don’t even care personally because I do enjoy cock, but that one pissed me off on principal.

    And since this guy just really needed to rub in his ignorance a little more, I actually responded to his question and told him that I’m bi. To which he replied, “no, you’re either straight or you’re gay. Which do you like better?” Ignorant people make me mad :mad:

    You know, it wouldn’t have been a big deal if he were asking questions like he wanted to know or understand. He was just so cocky and sure of himself, that was my real issue. Oh well, guess that’s what I get for hanging out at a hole-in-the-wall redneck gay bar :P

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