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  • garden crossdresserThe stuff I post on is all super high resolution purely pornographic crossdressing photos. And while I love my job as an amateur porn star, deep down inside of me is a beautiful artist :P Ok, really I just love photography and playing in Photoshop . . . which mind you are pretty useful skills for a girl running her own porn site . . . but sometimes I like to show off my not-so-explicit images too. Like this one Ok, maybe this one is a little explicit, but it’s more erotic than hardcore at least. Right?

    I do have some very tame self portraits though (of course members of get access to these as well), and even some still life and landscape work that I do . . . which I don’t suspect my members care that I don’t post on the site (if you do, let me know – I’d be happy to share my photos of flowers and mountains with you! Anything to keep my members happy of course :) )

    So in the interest of not boring you too much with my other not-even-erotic images (and perhaps to show off some of my tastefully erotic crossdressing images to a new audience), I thought I’d join DeviantArt. I just came across the site a week or so ago, and so far it seems like a pretty fun place. There are lots of people browsing and commenting on art, and there really are some pretty talented artists that post on the site (along with some very amateur ones as well :P )

    Of course, I’ll save my kinkier photos for the blog (and the kinki-est photos for my members only area!), and I’ll inevitably post a selection of my other random images here as well. But if it seems like your sort of thing, check out my DeviantArt profile too. And leave comments, I love to hear what people think!

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