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  • If you’ve ready any of the posts on my blog, you know I’m always up to something new. I usually have more projects than I can keep track of (but thank goodness I always keep track of updating my members area ;) ) – some of my projects work out, some of them don’t. Anyway, I started something new recently that seems to be working out pretty well. I’m posting teaser clips of my crossdressing videos on YouTube. Of course I have to keep them pretty tame in the interest of not getting banned, but I think they’re a fun glimpse in to the content available in my members’ area. Obviously my members-only videos are considerably more . . . explicit ;)

    So I only have one teaser video up on my YouTube channel so far (plus a couple other odds-and-ends crossdressing videos you might want to check out), but it seems to be pretty popular :) I’ve embedded it below, Two Crossdressers Kissing:

    I’ve got another teaser video all lined up to post this weekend, so be sure
    to sign up to my YouTube channel to get all the updates! And if you visit my site I’ll also be posting a slightly more risque version of the teaser that you can download. Of course if you want to see all of my steamy crossdressing action, you should probably just sign up for the members area ;)

    In the meantime, enjoy the free video and let me know what you think!

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    1. im looking to be e-mail friends with a lady../t-girl/
      can you answer a question–why do i feel this
      way sexually towards this type of lady,,

    2. Well I can’t exactly say why *you* are sexually attracted by transgender women, but it’s not such an uncommon fetish for people to have in general. I think it comes from an interest in having the best of both worlds. If you think about it, even straight males generally like to see attractive penises in hardcore porn (for example), so there is clearly an aesthetic value that transcends gender and sexual orientation. Perhaps you find the penis particularly attractive, perhaps you like cum and wish you could be with a woman who can display such an overt sign of orgasm, maybe you just socially relate better to males and wish your female partner to have male social behavior patterns.

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