Shut Down by YouTube :(

  • Ok, I guess it couldn’t last forever, but I’m a bit upset that YouTube shut me down so abruptly. They didn’t even tell me what they found offensive about my videos :( Bah. Well I guess the upside is that I started looking for other places to post my trailer videos (obviously the full versions always have and always will be available in my members area) . . . and now I’ve found a tube where I can even post the explicit versions! So keep an eye on my xHamster profile to find my latest trailer videos, like this one of me making out with another crossdresser and giving her a nice handjob :)



    At least there’s some people in the world still who don’t mind high quality adult videos, :lol: Non-adult businesses can be pretty rough on the porn industry though. Personally I’m proud that I sell my explicit photos and videos, and I love knowing that people get off watching me – I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

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