European Crossdressing

  • European Crossdress SexWell it only took 2 trips to Germany to finally get to take some sexy crossdressing photos in a European hotel room . . . but I think it was worth the wait ;) I had this whole plan to do a neat bathtub shoot (bathtubs in Germany are particularly well suited to taking photos, with the little glass half wall for the shower and a detachable showerhead), but when Allie and I walked in to our gorgeous hotel room everything changed. This room was built in to a 1000 year old stone wall surrounding the little city we were in, and was decked out with antique hardwood and leather furniture. The only thing better than the room was the view we had overlooking the entire river valley below us.

    But enough about the room – it was just there to set a perfect stage for some kinky European sex :) Allie and I luckily both had outfits to match the scene: tiny little miniskirts, layered tops, some eye-catching heels, and of course the stockings. Allie was sporting a pair of black cashmere wool tights with a cableknit pattern (it was winter in Germany afterall), while I wore sinfully sheer vintage nylon stockings with a gartered waist cincher. I felt so incredibly sexy in my outfit, and I couldn’t stop rubbing myself against Allie’s legs, feeling the soft fabric of her wool tights.

    I had fully intended to fuck Allie in one of the overstuffed antique chairs in our room, but after I pulled her to the floor and licked her juicy clit to a super powerful orgasm as she laid on the soft shag rug in the room, I couldn’t help but rub my throbbing crossdresser clitty against her sopping wet pussy. And of course one thing lead to another, and pretty soon I was going to town banging my girlfriend on the hotel room floor with her tights still wrapped around her knees. Luckily I had enough willpower to grab her and flip her up on all fours, planning to finish doggy style with one of my famous crossdresser cumshots all over her ass. Allie had slightly different plans though, as she quickly turned around and swallowed my cock, sucking her own girl cum off of my massive clitty, then pulling my panties aside and deep throating my clitty so she could lick my swollen balls.

    I guess the hotel room and our Eurpoean outfits (and perhaps her massive orgasm too) had really gotten to Allie – she was acting like a full blown porn star, and I was in crossdresser heaven. I didn’t have much left in me at that point, but don’t worry – I did manage to get Allie turned around again and pound her sexy pussy doggy style before cumming all over her ;) You should have seen all of my cum dripping down her ass and running over her gaping pussy! Well, actually you can see it. I’ll be posting ALL of the photos and video over at now that I’m back home in the States again.

  • Sexuality Map

  • I just found this thing and had to post it . . . especially after I wasted 30min building mine, lol :) Anyway, I think it’s a pretty cute idea to map out your sexuality, and it was fun thinking back over all the things I’ve tried! Well, and maybe a little scary too when I checked off nearly everything on the map :P

    Find out where I've journeyed
    on the Map of Human Sexuality!
    Or get your own here!

    I suppose I still have a few places to visit . . . I guess I should use my sexuality map as inspiration for the next shoots that I do for :)

  • Crossdressing in Public – Downtown Chicago

  • Crossdressing at The Baton LoungeYikes, I haven’t posted on my blog in a while, but don’t worry – I’ve still been crossdressing :) In fact, not long ago I was out for a night on the town in downtown Chicago all dolled up, so I thought I’d share a couple of the candid photos I took that night. Allie took me out to The Baton Lounge as a sort of late birthday present. The Baton is a famous drag show right in the heart of downtown . . . and within walking distance of our hotel. So there I was strolling down the streets of Chicago in my tights and heels – probably the farthest I’ve ever walked in heels before actually, but I was pretty proud that I made it with no problems :) I don’t go out crossdressing in public very often. In spite of the website, I’m still pretty nervous of people staring at me. Plus I don’t like to do it unless I’m traveling – have to keep up appearances with the neighbors (and co-workers, etc) if I’m out in public in my hometown! I do make an occasional exception for a little local drag show, but it’s not the sort of place I can hang out at every weekend.

    The Baton in Chicago is a bit past its heyday, and the drinks are super overpriced . . . but overall it was still a good time. The place was packed for the show, and it was clearly a serious production for the performers – this wasn’t your typical hole-in-the-wall bar type of drag show. One of the girls was drop dead gorgeous too. Service is a bit crappy, but the staff seemed to appreciate the fact that I had dressed up – it was definitely a comfortable place to be dressed. The one downside is that they don’t allow photography – I had all these plans of taking a bunch of pics of me crossdressing at the show, but unfortunately I had to keep the camera hidden :(

    Crossdressing in Downtown Chicago
    The rest of downtown wasn’t quite as comfortable – I got a couple interesting looks on the street. But it still didn’t keep us from stopping for a few photos on the bridge over the Chicago River. Overall I was impressed though – I guess you see all types in a big city like Chicago – most people didn’t bat an eyelash at passing a crossdresser on the street. I wasn’t exactly at my most passable that night. I’ve been trying to grow my natural hair out so I don’t always need a wig, but the pigtails perhaps weren’t the best choice for fitting in. Oops :P Ah well, the only particularly nerve-wracking part was walking back in through the hotel lobby and waiting on the elevator with a large crowd of people. Would I do it again though? Absolutely!

  • My Girlfriend Peed on my Sissy Cock

  • Allie and I haven’t had much time recently to take crossdressing photos, but last night we finally found some free time and were both in the mood. I’ve been waiting forever to see Allie dressed up in black stockings and her new red leather t-strap heels (I was so excited when I found those for her :) ). I didn’t have anything particularly inspiring to wear, but we decided to do matching outfits so I dug out some red sandals and black thigh highs as well. And we had these adorable matching purple skirts that needed to be put to a good use.

    You’d think with outfits like that it would be pretty obvious that we were up to no good ;) We headed out to the club to try and find someone to come home with us, but we must have picked an off night because the crowd was pretty dull. So Allie and I both came home empty handed. Not wanting to put such scandalous outfits to waste, I set up the cameras and tried to convince Allie to take some photos with me (and in the process get some pussy for my aching crossdresser cock). Lucky for me, Allie was both drunk and horny, so convincing her was no problem. Convincing her to give me a turn even after 5 orgasms on the other hand was a different story. Guess she was more horny than I had realized at first.

    Well I finally got Allie to put down her magic wand and let me fuck her. She even climbed on top and rode me reverse cowgirl. I was just thinking I was the luckiest crossdresser ever when I felt her start to squeeze her pussy in the strangest way. It didn’t feel bad, but Allie was really tight after 5 orgasms, and I could tell she was up to something. So of course I asked what she was doing, and she looked back at me completely straight-faced and said that she was trying to pee on my cock, but she couldn’t get it to come out! So here’s a photo of my girlfriend trying to piss on my cock because she was drunk and wanted to get back at me for cutting her off at 4 orgasms :P

    girlfriend riding crossdresser cock

    Yes, I took a photo just because I thought it was funny she was trying so hard to pee on my cock and couldn’t do it. Well apparently I shouldn’t have laughed at her so much, because a few minutes later Allie started to moan a bit and my cock started feeling really warm. And then I felt something splashing on my legs and dripping on my white panties. Pretty soon I was laying in a puddle of Allie’s warm pee that had collected in my skirt as she emptied her bladder down my cock while I fucked her.

    Ok, I admit, I really enjoyed how warm and wet it felt, and as Allie stood up and I saw the last little dribble of pee fall from her pussy onto my chest I grabbed by pee soaked cock and started jerking hard. I ended up cumming all over my girlfriend’s black stockings, right across her foot. Yeah, it ended up being a good night after all ;)

  • Shut Down by YouTube :(

  • Ok, I guess it couldn’t last forever, but I’m a bit upset that YouTube shut me down so abruptly. They didn’t even tell me what they found offensive about my videos :( Bah. Well I guess the upside is that I started looking for other places to post my trailer videos (obviously the full versions always have and always will be available in my members area) . . . and now I’ve found a tube where I can even post the explicit versions! So keep an eye on my xHamster profile to find my latest trailer videos, like this one of me making out with another crossdresser and giving her a nice handjob :)



    At least there’s some people in the world still who don’t mind high quality adult videos, :lol: Non-adult businesses can be pretty rough on the porn industry though. Personally I’m proud that I sell my explicit photos and videos, and I love knowing that people get off watching me – I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

  • Crossdressing Teaser Videos

  • If you’ve ready any of the posts on my blog, you know I’m always up to something new. I usually have more projects than I can keep track of (but thank goodness I always keep track of updating my members area ;) ) – some of my projects work out, some of them don’t. Anyway, I started something new recently that seems to be working out pretty well. I’m posting teaser clips of my crossdressing videos on YouTube. Of course I have to keep them pretty tame in the interest of not getting banned, but I think they’re a fun glimpse in to the content available in my members’ area. Obviously my members-only videos are considerably more . . . explicit ;)

    So I only have one teaser video up on my YouTube channel so far (plus a couple other odds-and-ends crossdressing videos you might want to check out), but it seems to be pretty popular :) I’ve embedded it below, Two Crossdressers Kissing:

    I’ve got another teaser video all lined up to post this weekend, so be sure
    to sign up to my YouTube channel to get all the updates! And if you visit my site I’ll also be posting a slightly more risque version of the teaser that you can download. Of course if you want to see all of my steamy crossdressing action, you should probably just sign up for the members area ;)

    In the meantime, enjoy the free video and let me know what you think!

  • Deviant Crossdresser Art

  • garden crossdresserThe stuff I post on is all super high resolution purely pornographic crossdressing photos. And while I love my job as an amateur porn star, deep down inside of me is a beautiful artist :P Ok, really I just love photography and playing in Photoshop . . . which mind you are pretty useful skills for a girl running her own porn site . . . but sometimes I like to show off my not-so-explicit images too. Like this one Ok, maybe this one is a little explicit, but it’s more erotic than hardcore at least. Right?

    I do have some very tame self portraits though (of course members of get access to these as well), and even some still life and landscape work that I do . . . which I don’t suspect my members care that I don’t post on the site (if you do, let me know – I’d be happy to share my photos of flowers and mountains with you! Anything to keep my members happy of course :) )

    So in the interest of not boring you too much with my other not-even-erotic images (and perhaps to show off some of my tastefully erotic crossdressing images to a new audience), I thought I’d join DeviantArt. I just came across the site a week or so ago, and so far it seems like a pretty fun place. There are lots of people browsing and commenting on art, and there really are some pretty talented artists that post on the site (along with some very amateur ones as well :P )

    Of course, I’ll save my kinkier photos for the blog (and the kinki-est photos for my members only area!), and I’ll inevitably post a selection of my other random images here as well. But if it seems like your sort of thing, check out my DeviantArt profile too. And leave comments, I love to hear what people think!

  • Crossdresser Cooking – “Whore” Pasta

  • Perhaps you don’t know this, but I’m really a multi-talented girl ;) Not only can I do make-up, shop, and lift up to 2 lbs with my cock . . . I can also cook! And I know you might be asking what the heck cooking has to do with crossdressing (other than I love running around the kitchen in my panties and heels, and I’ve been known to use kitchen utensils as sex toys), but I promise you there’s a connection!

    I’ve never been much of a fan of spaghetti sauce, to the point that when I was a kid I would eat my spaghetti plain. So when I started learning how to cook I experimented with different things I could put on pasta to make it a bit less boring, and I came up with a mixture of diced tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil that worked pretty well for me. Over the years my recipe evolved a bit, and then one day I found out that I wasn’t the first person to discover this recipe. Apparently it’s more or less a traditional Italian sauce known as Puttanesca. Which wouldn’t be very exciting if it weren’t for the fact that Puttanesca translates roughly as “whore style”. Yes that’s right, for as long as I can remember I’ve apparently been eating my pasta whore style. Go figure.

    Ok, that’s the whole story, I just had to share. Even my cooking is slutty :lol: But in case you’re curious, here’s the recipe I use and a nice photo I took of my Capellini Puttanesca :)

    Capellini Puttanesca, aka whore spaghetti

    1 box Angel Hair Pasta
    1 lbs Crawfish (tail meat), or substitute shrimp, crab, etc
    2 cans Diced Tomatoes (get the kind with green chilies, and drain most of the liquid)
    1 bulb Garlic
    1 cup Fresh Basil
    2 tbsp Olive Oil
    1 tsp Oregano
    Salt and Pepper to taste
    Garnish with Parsley and Grated Parmesan Cheese

    Chop the garlic into rough slices (This will result in garlic that maintains a bit of it’s raw flavor. If you don’t like that, mince it instead). Shred the Basil and set aside.

    Boil water per directions on pasta box, salt to taste.

    While the water is heating, add olive oil to a large pan and warm over medium heat. When the oil thins and begins to flow, add the garlic. Saute 2 min, then add oregano, salt, and pepper to taste. Continue to saute until garlic begins to brown around edges.

    Turn heat to high and add tomatoes, stirring until mixture begins to bubble. Turn heat back to medium and add basil. Mix in basil and let cook 2 min. Cover and turn heat the medium-low.

    Add pasta to boiling water. Cook to short end of package directions, or about 6 min. Drain pasta.

    Add pasta and crawfish to sauce pan, mix thoroughly. Cover and cook 5 min.

    Serve immediately, garnish with parsley and grated Parmesan cheese.

  • New Crossdressing Pic of the Day

  • My crossdressing pic of the day should be no surprise to anyone who’s ever read my blog (the link has been on the top left side of the page for as long as I’ve been blogging), but I’ve just spent the last few weeks making some major upgrades. First, I’ve added hundreds of new photos to the rotation. From cute to sexy to downright dirty, you can get a pretty good idea of what my site’s all about from these free daily crossdressing photos. Though I’ll warn you right now, I save the very best of my photos for my Members Only area . . . so for unlimited access to my over 10,000 photos (yes, I’ve taken over 10,000 photos of myself :shock: ) as well as my full HD videos you really do have to join the site. Ok, but enough of my unskilled marketing, you want to know what new features I’ve added, right? Well here’s the big one:

    Rate My Crossdressing Photos!
    Daily Crossdressing Photo

    Yup, now you can rate my daily crossdressing photos! I know, I know, lots of other sites let you rate photos . . . but how many give you a hand picked selection of the world’s hottest amateur crossdressing photos? Huh? And how many “rate my photo” scripts were written from scratch by a sexy nerdy crossdresser sitting at her desk in a short skirt and playing with her big clitty through her pantyhose? That’s what I thought! You can almost feel the precum on my sticky coding fingers, can’t you?

    Ok, I’ll be serious now for a few minutes. Yes, I really did hand code all of my pic of the day scripts, so I really do hope you enjoy them. God knows it took me over 2 weeks to get everything working. And yes . . . I honestly was wearing a short skirt and playing with myself through my pantyhose while coding. I can’t help it, I get a little excited when I can bend my computer to do my bidding :oops:

    As an incentive for you to actually rate my photos (c’mon, it’s not that hard to pick a number from 1 to 10 and click submit, is it?), you also get a little bonus photo for rating today’s crossdressing pic. Go ahead, give it a try – Rate my Photo.

    One other feature I really do have to touch on (yes, also hand coded by a hot crossdresser) – you can now get my daily crossdressing photos in your email :) The only catch is that you have to rate today’s crossdressing photo before you can sign up! I know, I’m really pushing this rating thing aren’t I? It’s just that I kinda get off knowing which photos are your favorite . . .

    So there you go, rate my daily crossdressing photo. Sign up for my free crossdressing emails. And of course join my site if you don’t want to wait 365 days just to see a mere 3% of the ever expanding content in my members area. Oh, and while you’re still debating about whether or not to join . . . keep an eye out for my hand-written descriptions of each and every free crossdressing photo detailing my inspiration for the set, my personal thoughts, and what else is waiting for you in the members area – coming soon ;)

  • Anal Lube

  • anal lube
    So I know that I’m a porn model and I should already be an expert on this stuff, but . . . I’m still learning apparently. Considering that as a crossdresser my most frequently penetrated orifice during shoots is my ass, I’ve always had trouble with anal sex even just with toys. I like to be penetrated, but I would always get irritated well before I was done with the shoot. I assumed I just had a sensitive ass.

    Turns out that all these years I’ve just been using the wrong lube for anal sex. As you can see from the screen cap above, Allie gave me a thorough ass fucking last night with her feeldoe dildo. She really went to town on my tight tgirl ass . . . and it felt good :!: I mean really good. Like good enough that I almost came from her rubbing against my prostate without even touching my engorged clitty. (If you’re wondering, I managed to hold off my orgasm until we got the cameras arranged for the finale, and I jizzed all over my silk tank top with Allie’s fake cock up my ass)

    So what is this magic lube that I found? Vaseline. Seriously. Not that I haven’t used good old petroleum jelly on my ass before, and sure I know that it’s a good thick non-drying lubricant. But it’s oil based, so not good for sex and not good for toys, right? Well, sort of. It’s not good for vaginal sex, that’s true. And it will wreck a condom or any “jelly” rubber toy, so no good there. But turns out it’s perfectly fine for silicone toys. So from now on I’m sticking to only silicone or glass toys so I can pamper my delicate ass hole with Vaseline :)

    And one other thing I learned . . . turns out that greasy film that jelly rubber toys get coated in as they age? It’s a plasticizer added to the rubber to make it soft, and it separates out over time. And it’s also a known skin irritant and has a tendency to “melt” other rubber toys that come in contact with it. Great stuff. So screw all those jelly toys I have that aren’t compatible with my new favorite anal lube and are coated in skin irritants to boot. I’m sticking with silicone :)