New Crossdressing Pic of the Day

  • My crossdressing pic of the day should be no surprise to anyone who’s ever read my blog (the link has been on the top left side of the page for as long as I’ve been blogging), but I’ve just spent the last few weeks making some major upgrades. First, I’ve added hundreds of new photos to the rotation. From cute to sexy to downright dirty, you can get a pretty good idea of what my site’s all about from these free daily crossdressing photos. Though I’ll warn you right now, I save the very best of my photos for my Members Only area . . . so for unlimited access to my over 10,000 photos (yes, I’ve taken over 10,000 photos of myself :shock: ) as well as my full HD videos you really do have to join the site. Ok, but enough of my unskilled marketing, you want to know what new features I’ve added, right? Well here’s the big one:

    Rate My Crossdressing Photos!
    Daily Crossdressing Photo

    Yup, now you can rate my daily crossdressing photos! I know, I know, lots of other sites let you rate photos . . . but how many give you a hand picked selection of the world’s hottest amateur crossdressing photos? Huh? And how many “rate my photo” scripts were written from scratch by a sexy nerdy crossdresser sitting at her desk in a short skirt and playing with her big clitty through her pantyhose? That’s what I thought! You can almost feel the precum on my sticky coding fingers, can’t you?

    Ok, I’ll be serious now for a few minutes. Yes, I really did hand code all of my pic of the day scripts, so I really do hope you enjoy them. God knows it took me over 2 weeks to get everything working. And yes . . . I honestly was wearing a short skirt and playing with myself through my pantyhose while coding. I can’t help it, I get a little excited when I can bend my computer to do my bidding :oops:

    As an incentive for you to actually rate my photos (c’mon, it’s not that hard to pick a number from 1 to 10 and click submit, is it?), you also get a little bonus photo for rating today’s crossdressing pic. Go ahead, give it a try – Rate my Photo.

    One other feature I really do have to touch on (yes, also hand coded by a hot crossdresser) – you can now get my daily crossdressing photos in your email :) The only catch is that you have to rate today’s crossdressing photo before you can sign up! I know, I’m really pushing this rating thing aren’t I? It’s just that I kinda get off knowing which photos are your favorite . . .

    So there you go, rate my daily crossdressing photo. Sign up for my free crossdressing emails. And of course join my site if you don’t want to wait 365 days just to see a mere 3% of the ever expanding content in my members area. Oh, and while you’re still debating about whether or not to join . . . keep an eye out for my hand-written descriptions of each and every free crossdressing photo detailing my inspiration for the set, my personal thoughts, and what else is waiting for you in the members area – coming soon ;)

  • Anal Lube

  • anal lube
    So I know that I’m a porn model and I should already be an expert on this stuff, but . . . I’m still learning apparently. Considering that as a crossdresser my most frequently penetrated orifice during shoots is my ass, I’ve always had trouble with anal sex even just with toys. I like to be penetrated, but I would always get irritated well before I was done with the shoot. I assumed I just had a sensitive ass.

    Turns out that all these years I’ve just been using the wrong lube for anal sex. As you can see from the screen cap above, Allie gave me a thorough ass fucking last night with her feeldoe dildo. She really went to town on my tight tgirl ass . . . and it felt good :!: I mean really good. Like good enough that I almost came from her rubbing against my prostate without even touching my engorged clitty. (If you’re wondering, I managed to hold off my orgasm until we got the cameras arranged for the finale, and I jizzed all over my silk tank top with Allie’s fake cock up my ass)

    So what is this magic lube that I found? Vaseline. Seriously. Not that I haven’t used good old petroleum jelly on my ass before, and sure I know that it’s a good thick non-drying lubricant. But it’s oil based, so not good for sex and not good for toys, right? Well, sort of. It’s not good for vaginal sex, that’s true. And it will wreck a condom or any “jelly” rubber toy, so no good there. But turns out it’s perfectly fine for silicone toys. So from now on I’m sticking to only silicone or glass toys so I can pamper my delicate ass hole with Vaseline :)

    And one other thing I learned . . . turns out that greasy film that jelly rubber toys get coated in as they age? It’s a plasticizer added to the rubber to make it soft, and it separates out over time. And it’s also a known skin irritant and has a tendency to “melt” other rubber toys that come in contact with it. Great stuff. So screw all those jelly toys I have that aren’t compatible with my new favorite anal lube and are coated in skin irritants to boot. I’m sticking with silicone :)

  • Happy TGirl Holidays

  • happy tgirl holidays

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year – being on vacation from the day job for the holidays means plenty of time for crossdressing and taking sexy photos :) Allie is getting in on the action this year too, as I’m sure you can see from the grip she has on my cock in my first ever tgirl Christmas card photo. With a little luck this will become a yearly crossdressing tradition!

    I already posted the first Christmas photos of Allie and me in the members area of, and I’m pretty proud of the way the set turned out. You might be able to guess from the crossdresser-mas card photo, but I was a little naughty this year, and Allie really took it out on my poor clitty. Shortly after this photo was taken she stuffed my swollen cock into a chastity device and locked it in place. Then she grabbed me by my Santa hat and forced my face into her crotch, holding me there until she came all over my tongue. It wouldn’t have been so bad (I love licking pussy after all :p ) if I hadn’t been so tightly locked in a CB3000 chastity device. As it was, I was so swollen and tight that I thought I would pop – feeling Allie cum on my tongue was almost more than I could stand. Speaking of which, that part came out rather well in the video which I’ll be posting shortly ;)

    Lucky for me Allie has a soft spot for my cock, and it was Christmas afterall. Once she was finished taking advantage of my sissy slut tongue, she let me out of my chastity device and directed my deprived crossdresser cock to her waiting pussy. After a desperately vigorous fuck, I pulled out and shot my thick tgirl goo all over Allie’s unshaved pussy. It looks really hot dripping down over her hairy bush (she grew it out to match the fur trim of her Christmas outfit), but you’ll have to log in to the members area to see those photos!

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow when Allie and I will be doing our first New Years celebration photos, complete with a bottle (or two) of champagne :D Hopefully New Years crossdressing will become a yearly tradition too!

  • Sexy Secretary Glasses

  • I love member requests, I really do. Yes I recently got another one, and yes I thought it too was blog-worthy (and yes, it’s currently available in the members area of :) ) Anyway, I was a little surprised that I had never done anything like this since it’s a fairly common fetish. A member asked me to wear glasses for a shoot. crossdresser in glasses Well, and he asked me to cum on my glasses. And dress up like a certain attractive female governor. And play with a container of my own cum that I had been saving up. And say some very naughty things on camera. And wear sheer nylon stockings. And . . . ok, well the rest is a bit personal ;) The point is that I had never worn glasses for a shoot before, and I didn’t even own any glasses I could use.

    So this shoot started out with a trip to Walmart, which believe it or not isn’t too uncommon. I searched for a pair of reasonably attractive reading glasses with the lowest possible prescription level. And of course I had my phone with me with a picture of the porn-inspiring governor pulled up so I could compare styles. I found a suitable pair and headed home with my new prop to put together a set and get dressed.

    I was pretty interested to see how I looked in my new secretary glasses, so as soon as I had my makeup done I tried them on . . . and realized I couldn’t even see myself in the mirror :P Ah well, I would see myself in the photos, right? So I finished getting ready, turned on the photography lights, lined up the cameras, put my glasses on . . . and about broke my ankle trying to walk across the room in my heels. Wow, I had no idea how much a 1.2x magnification could screw up your vision. I did eventually get to the set with my ankle in one piece and started shooting though. I ended up with lots of shots of me peering over the edge of my new glasses to figure out where the camera was. But that’s ok, it worked well for the persona I was going for :) And you know what? Once I had plastered my glasses with a wine glass full of cum, then arched my back and shot a big fresh load of cum all over my face . . . I couldn’t really tell I was wearing glasses any more anyway – eventually I just had to lick the lenses clean to see anything at all :)

  • Toe Sucking Tgirl

  • crossdresser licking toesFrom time to time working in the porn industry I run into some strange stuff. I get some strange requests. And, well . . . I do some strange things ;) A few weeks ago I got a request to see me licking my own toes. I bet there are some people out there wondering what could possibly be strange about that request, and I bet there are others who had never even fathomed that a person might want to do such a thing. And then there’s me. I don’t really think there’s anything strange about toe sucking or foot licking, but I had never really considered that sucking my *own* toes might be erotic.

    tgirl licking pantyhoseAs a crossdresser, I find it very hard to question anyone else’s fetish though, so when I got the request I just thought, “ooh, that’s something new” and went to work finding an outfit and a set :) It must come with the territory (crossdressing) or something, but there is not much in the world that I find a turn-off. I’m too busy being excited about fulfilling someone’s fantasy and being a turn-on for them. So maybe you can tell how excited I was when I started sucking on my toes, knowing that someone would be watching and loving every second of it. And if you can’t tell from my rock hard cock, perhaps it will be more evident when you take a look at the full set in my members-only area at and see the size of the cum load that I filled my dress shoes with. Or the way I eagerly drank my own cum out of my shoe and licked it clean when I was done. Or maybe it’s just in the way my crossdresser clitty surged with excitement every time I thrust my fat glass dildo into my ass with my toes in my mouth.

    The only problem I had with this set was deciding what to wear! You probably already know how much I love pantyhose and stockings, and especially multiple layers of pantyhose (which I thought would look amazing with the lighting I had set up), but I know most toe licking is done barefoot . . . so I was really torn. But I think I found the perfect solution! A pair of toeless (not footless) pantyhose with a little stirrup between my toes to keep them in place over my feet while showing off my bright red painted toenails. And they were crotchless to boot, with plenty of room to show off my hard cock and fit my toy into my ass at the same time. Where do I find all these perfect pantyhose?? Then to satisfy my own love of layered nylons, I slipped into a pair of black thigh high stockings as well. I couldn’t help sucking on my nylon covered toes first, I love the way the wet material glistens . . . then I slowly peeled off one stocking with my teeth before indulging my members in some good old fashioned foot licking and bare toe sucking :D

    What do you think, did I do a good job with my newest fetish?

  • TGirl Technology

  • So I’ve had this blackberry for awhile. . . I’m usually pretty up on technology, and I love being able to check my email when I’m sitting in a waiting room or at the airport or something. But for some reason I never thought to make mobile blog posts from my phone. Until today :)

    I guess it probably has something to do with the amount of time and effort I usually put into a post – I usually don’t have *that* much time to work on something when I’m on the run. And I’m not really sure how to post photos from my phone (I don’t have photoshop on here either, lol). But I know I neglect my tgirl blogging duties because I’m not at home enough. So this should be better than nothing, right? I mean, a crossdresser’s life is pretty busy since we have to lead two of them.

    Well, here’s to technology enabled tgirls ;) And to using technology to keep up with my busy porn life, hehe.

  • New Miracle Bra – No Breastforms Needed!

  • miracle braAs much as I love my breastforms – those heavy, bouncy, jiggly mounds of synthetic breast that can transform you from a crossdressing guy into a Baywatch babe – there are certain occasions when they can be a real pain in the ass. They fall out of bras, peek out of shirts, shift and settle into unnatural positions; they can be hot, sweaty, and sticky; and god forbid if in a bout of particularly rough sex they pop or rupture. Enter the new Miracle Push-Up bra from Victoria Secret. Touted to give girls that bombshell shape that their boyfriends dream of, it supposedly increases your bust by a full 2 cup sizes.

    Of course, when I first heard about this miracle of the lingerie world I suspected it was more marketing hype than miracle . . . until my girlfriend got fitted for one on a whim. Rest assured, I am now convinced that Victoria does in deed have some Secrets – the Miracle Push-Up is aptly named, and 2 cup sizes is no joke! Returning home with our new purchase, Allie immediately suggested that I try it on (yes, here comes the crossdressing part of my blog entry ;) ). I hesitated a bit, being partial to my breastforms and still holding on to a bit of doubt about the bra . . . but eventually I gave in. Really I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to steal something from Allie’s panty drawer anyway :P

    Let me tell you, the Miracle Push-Up will work miracles even without any natural breasts to work with. I went from washboard flat to an attractive and realistic B cup in a matter of seconds. And it only set me back $50 as compared to the $300 I paid for my latest pair of breastforms. On top of that, I went an entire photoshoot without once worrying that I was falling out of my bra (and if you’ve ever worn breastforms and seen one of my photosets, you know that’s saying something!). So while I won’t be completely replacing my silicone breasts with the Miracle Push-Up (I do still like the weight and bounce of silicone), I will definitely be taking advantage of it when I travel or wear low cut shirts :)

  • A TGirl in China

  • I don’t suppose that I mentioned I was leaving on a trip, but I just got home from a 3-week stay in Beijing, China. And what’s a gurl like me doing in the People’s Republic you might ask? Well business of course :) And not of the porn variety either! Apparently the Chinese government is not particularly fond of porn and does a reasonably thorough job of blocking access to websites and the like that might supply such inappropriate material. Though there is certainly no shortage of adult toy stores (which I was quite surprised to discover). Tempted as I was to buy an official Chinese sex toy, the idea of sticking something from one of those stores into my body just didn’t feel quite right – they just don’t look as hygienic as the squeaky clean Hustler stores we have back in the States, where sales associates will gladly demonstrate a product with their portable hand sanitizer doused fingers.

    I don’t think China’s too fond of crossdressers either, as they are still slow to accept even homosexuality . . . and at least from a social norms standpoint, I think transgenderism is probably a bit farther out there. I certainly didn’t want to push my luck while I was there.

    Anyway, I at least didn’t waste my time while in my all-expenses-paid 5-star hotel room, and I didn’t forget about my members while over there ;) I took advantage of the nice couch, great view, and oversized shower to do some fun shoots like the one below. And I kept the site updated by accessing my databases via my hosting provider. Hey, a gurl’s gotta have priorities!
    TGirl in China

    Told you it was a nice view, didn’t I? I felt pretty classy in my pattern printed nylon stockings which seem to strangely match the lights of Beijing from my hotel room window. I topped it all off with a nice corset and designer heels that I had originally brought along for my girlfriend Allie to wear in a shoot . . . but she couldn’t stay with me the whole time I was there, and we ran out of time. Sad day. So I had to solo my shoots. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy them ;)

  • TGirl Panty Drawer

  • katie's tgirl closet
    I did this a while ago now, but it’s been forever since I’ve posted on the blog . . . so I thought I would start up again with the announcement of my refurbished Katie’s Closet area of (sorry, members only. but don’t worry, it’s easy to join if you click the link ;) ). Since crossdressing is really all about the clothes, I’ve always put a lot of emphasis on what I’m wearing in a set. And if you’re anything like me you get a little rush rummaging through a girl’s panty drawer. So putting the two together, I built Katie’s Closet, my very own virtual crossdressing closet where you can search for photos and videos by what I’m wearing. Anyway, that’s sort of the old news. The new news is that I rebuilt my closet with some snazzy new graphics . . . and a new section dedicated to Allie’s outfits :)

    If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, Allie is my girlfriend and is quickly becoming a significant part of my website. So I thought it was only fitting to give her a little room on my site where members can rummage through her panty drawer as well ;)

    In honor of all this panty drawer talk, I thought I’d show off a bit of my own panty collection for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be site members. Whenever I update my closet with thumbs from a new photo set, it never ceases to amaze me just how many pairs of panties I’ve worn in my life, hehe. And really these aren’t all the panties I’ve worn, just the ones I’ve taken pics of! I guess a real girl wears a lot of panties and never thinks twice about it, but as a crossdresser, each pair of panties is kind of special. And I imagine most crossdressers haven’t worn nearly as many pairs as I have. Anyway, here is just a small sample of the panty pictures you can find inside my site.
    Katie's panties

    And a post like this just wouldn’t be complete without some samples from Allie’s panty drawer as well. I know Allie has worn a lot more panties than I have, but since she’s new to the site (and to having someone take pictures of her in her panties ;) ) she doesn’t have as many pairs in her virtual panty drawer. Yet. Don’t worry, I will be adding more regularly! She looks almost as good in panties as I do, don’t you think?
    Allie's Pantie Drawer

  • Making Plans for a Wild TGirl Christmas

  • I’m pretty sure I have an addiction. Well, probably several of them, but they’re all related. I love buying things for sex. Sex toys, lingerie, pantyhose, vegetables, hardware . . . if it can be used for sex there’s a good bet that I either have it, or am saving up to buy it. Normally I can keep my addiction(s) under control, but doing this whole long distance relationship thing with Allie is making it really tough – you see, I know she’s going to be in town for the holidays for three whole weeks. And given that on average we have sex 2-3 times every day when we’re together and will probably do a couple crossdressing photo shoots every week for the website . . . I need enough toys and outfits to keep us entertained! Or at least it creates an irresistible excuse to buy lots of toys and outfits.

    At the rate I’m going right now, I will max out my credit card before Allie gets here :P I think I spent around $300 yesterday alone on sex supplies. Let me tell you, it gets expensive trying to find outfits for two models. But what’s a tgirl to do? Curious about what I’ve got in the works? Well I can’t make any promises as some of this will depend on the condition of my bank account at the end of the month . . . but here’s my combination shopping list / wish list. I’m not telling what I might have already bought, as I have some surprises for Allie in mind :evil: , but I will definitely let you know how the photos go :)

    Oh, and if you want to make a donation to help with my tgirl “X”mas shopping, sign up for a membership to my site, or I also happily accept PayPal donations. (EDIT 12/17/09: I did happily accept PayPal donations . . . until they decided to close my account for violating their terms of use. Funny, I checked those terms of use very carefully before posting this and did not see any problems . . . so guess you will just have to join my site).

    - Feeldoe double dildo for Allie to fuck my poor little crossdresser ass with
    - Birdlocked chastity device for Allie to lock my sissy cock in while she enjoys my ass
    - Leather harness for Allie to wear while she dominates me
    - Wolford thigh highs to compliment Allie’s new leather harness
    - Black lace garter belt to hold up Allie’s thigh highs
    - Matching panties from Victoria Secret – wouldn’t that be adorable?
    - Thigh-high leather boots to complete the dominatrix outfit
    - Violet and black teddy from Victoria Secret – sooooo sexy, though I’m not sure who will end up wearing it ;)
    - Sissy maid outfit from BirchPlace Shop . . . what better outfit to get sissified in?
    - Large blue ball gag so I can keep Allie quiet when I switch roles on her (shhhhh ;) ). Too perfect since I know how much she likes sucking on my blue balls!
    - Hitachi Magic Wand for me to use on Allie while she’s tied up with her mouth full of the ball gag. She’s really going to be in trouble!
    - Short sweater dress for Allie to wear with her wool tights and fuzzy boots for a nice winter photoset (maybe even in the snow if we get any)
    - Inflatable butt plug – don’t ask, it was her idea ;)
    - Cucumbers
    - Strawberries
    - Matching t-strap mary janes – I found a pair that would be perfect for a schoolgirl set
    - Patterned pantyhose – way hot and very in style this year, there are so many patterns I want to get!
    - Cock rings – I’m still searching for the perfect one . . .